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PC Communications offers training on various Microsoft products, Document Management, Document Comparison, PDF, and Conversion software, plus other specialized applications in the Legal market. We will work with your firm to determine the curriculum for each individual course and customize it for your particular needs

When users are technically proficient in producing documents in a timely and quality manner, your firm will be more profitable – simply put, “time is money.” Investing the time and money up front for training to better prepare your firm to utilize the technology tools you have invested in will increase productivity and therefore profits.

Document Management

PC Communications has many years of experience with various types of Document Management software.  This includes iManage, Worldox, Net Documents and OpenText (formerly DocsOpen and Hummingbird). 

Software Migration Consulting

PC Communications has vast experience in migrations from such programs as WordPerfect to Word, DocsOpen to Hummingbird DM, or iManage, and other software transitions.

Template/Macro Creation

PC Communications has worked with many firms in developing some standard Microsoft Word Templates and standard forms, macros and AutoText to automate certain processes. As styles are the backbone of the Microsoft Word product, it is imperative that custom styles be created. Therefore, we will assist with creating custom ribbons and styles to make day to day word processing functions easier.

Floor Support/Help Desk Assistance

PC Communications recognizes that when firms are going through software upgrades and changes, training is a very important part of the project. However, it is when users return to their desks and start working on their own applications that questions and concerns arise. Providing floor support after completion of training is an important step towards getting users comfortable with solving problems and completing their tasks.

Supplying Help Desk Assistance allows us to not only assist users with questions and issues, but also to enable your firm’s internal Help Desk to learn from our vast experience.

Curriculum and Courseware Development

PC Communications has developed a library of courseware and various training curriculums. We generally customize the training materials and curriculum to suit the needs of the firms we are working with. Our course materials contain keystroke-by-keystroke instructions to assist users when they return to their desks after our training classes.

Our company has developed specialized curriculum for firms migrating from one software program to another, general sessions on basic software programs such as Excel, PowerPoint (plus many more), and workshops on specific topics (for example, Word Styles or Mail Merge, Excel Macros, PowerPoint Adding Various Effects). We also provide train-the-trainer classes to prepare your in-house trainers to deploy the training classes at your firm.