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Creating QuickParts in Outlook

If you have standard text that you use in Email messages on a regular basis, you can store that information in a new feature in Outlook called QuickParts.

  • Create a new mail message in Outlook
  • Type the text that you wish to make a QuickPart.
  • Select the text.
  • Click on the Insert Ribbon and then click QuickParts.
  • Choose Save Selection to a QuickPart Gallery
  • Type a meaningful name for the QuickPart, and then click OK

To access the QuickPart you just created, create a new mail message and position your insertion point where you want the text of the QuickPart to appear.

  • Click the Insert Ribbon and then choose QuickPart. 
  • Click on the desired QuickPart from the list

Alternatively, you can start typing the name you assigned your QuickPart in your Email message, and an AutoComplete balloon will pop up allowing you to press Enter to insert your QuickPart at the insertion point.